Easy Strategies To Get Ahead Of Employee Burnout

Easy Strategies To Get Ahead Of Employee Burnout

The Year 2020 Can Only be Described as Challenging!

The last year has been quite stressful for everyone. COVID-19 lockdown restrictions made the employee burnout more prevalent than ever in the UAE. 

The pandemic has changed our life as we know it, adding more stressors to the mix. That causes burnout quicker.

Employees need to address the problem of employee burnout.

What is Burnout?

Employee burnout happens from the excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when employees feel stressed, overwhelmed and emotionally drained due to constant high demands of the job. 

In the UAE, with pandemic restrictions and regulations, people are struggling with burnout. Burnout could cause mental and physical health symptoms as well. Symptoms could range from lethargy to mental breakdown. 

Here Are the Most Common Signals of Burnout in Employees- 

Easy Strategies To Get Ahead Of Employee Burnout

Withdrawal from work-related activities – The person experiencing burnout grows cynical about the job. They feel stressed and frustrated. They feel numb and emotionally distant from their work’s purpose and their colleagues.  

Symptoms –  the person experiencing burnout might feel headaches, digestive issues or experience hair loss and a low body temperature.  

Emotional exhaustion – your employee might feel tired, drained and unable to cope with working conditions and people they work with.

Performance – they might lack energy which affects their everyday tasks at work and home.

How to get ahead of employee burnout?

Missing deadlines – are any of your employees missing deadlines frequently?

Minimize Deadline Pressures

If the pressure of meeting deadlines is causing burnout among employees, it’s time to find a system which reduces the pressure. Check in regularly with the employees you’re concerned about to see how it’s going. If there’s a problem, take measures to get the project done on time using your other resources. 

Educate – There are plenty of resources on how to prevent employee burnout in your company. You may provide employees access to these resources. 

Easy Strategies To Get Ahead Of Employee Burnout

Here are a few ways you can educate your team:

Books – recommend a good book on self-care or burnout, you or any other colleagues have recently read.

Podcasts – find out podcasts that focus on happiness, self-care and positivity. Share and encourage your employees to listen to them daily. 

Resources – Tap into the available in-house resources to tackle burnout in employees. The Company can arrange free life coach sessions, gym memberships, counselling benefits and team building activities. 

You can also create-

  • A digital wellness library, store it on Dropbox so your staff can easily access it
  • Self-help book club
  • Challenges and events based around wellness

Apps – Headspace is incredibly popular these days, it uses brain rewarding frequencies and sounds scientifically proven to help your employees achieve a deeper state of concentration and peace. 

It’s not easy to spot burnout. So educate the employees as to what cues to check to identify the burnout.


Maintaining the work-life can be hard. The best way to encourage and motivate employees is to invest in their well-being by maintaining the work balance. 

Let us review a few ways you can encourage the work balance among your employees.

  • Encourage efficient work over quantity of work
  • Flexible hours
  • Remote work option
  • Arranging a wellness workshop / or joining Corporate wellness programs
  • Investing in financial wellbeing

Research ways you can provide more work-life balance in your company. This can create a more productive and efficient environment. 

Reach Out and Show Support

Business host activities that help employees integrate and strengthen a connection with their line manager. If employees see their manager as a partner, who knows the day-to-day operations there’s a higher probability they might open up about the work stress and burnout they are experiencing. 

When employees reach out to you:

  • Listen actively
  • Show support
  • Be compassionate
  • Have a digital and anonymous suggestion box
  • Ask what they want

Some employees might not feel comfortable in one-to-one session. Be observant and supportive and offer the option of an anonymous employee survey. Try to make a conducive atmosphere at the workplace where the employees feel comfortable sharing and discussing issues relating to burnout.

Go Digital

Easy Strategies To Get Ahead Of Employee Burnout

Employees often feel stressed, as they can struggle with time management. This can cause overwhelm and disorganization that risks employees burning out. In case of a promotion or new project, provide employees with appropriate resources to ease the transition. 

Recommend productivity and time management apps such as Trello, Toggl and Clockify.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you now feel armed and ready to go into battle with employee burnout so your team can live their best lives. 


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