How Can Promotion on Twitter Be Helpful For Tourism Business in UAE?

Twitter is a social networking app where users post and interact with each other through messages which are known as tweets. People who are registered to twitter can post, like and retweet the tweets, but the people who are not registered can only read the tweets. Twitter keeps you updated with whatever is happening in the world. The tweets in Twitter are short posts. The word limit of the tweet is 140 characters. Almost six thousand tweets are going out in Twitter within every one second. These tweets reach to millions of people all over the world. All the trending topics around the globe are covered in these tweets.

Some people also use Twitter for the marketing of their businesses. Twitter offers you with free business promotion. You can simply grow your business by having a good number of followers on your Twitter account. This promotion process requires no money. It is a very wise decision for the companies or brands to promote their businesses on Twitter as Twitter is a platform that allows free business promotions giving you customers from all over the world.


Twitter helps in boosting up the tourism businesses in UAE in the same way. Many tourists companies in UAE now depend upon Twitter for the advertisement of their business.

Twitter has more than 328 million active users. What you have to do is that you have to set up your account on Twitter, grow large number of followers in your account tweeting about your business

Tips for promoting your tourism business on Twitter.

Twitter can be helpful for the users who wants to promote their business. Twitter can be very helpful in promoting tourism in UAE too if the following tips are followed

1-Make a strong connection with your customers

You can build more followers on Twitter. Provide customer service on time. If someone mentions you in their tweets for any query help them out on time through Dms.

2-Reply to tweets.

Reply to the tweets you’re mentioned in. Make your replies interesting. Moreover, if someone shares a bad experience regarding their tour to UAE show empathy towards it.

3- Impact people by making Twitter Ads about your topic.

For the promotion of tourism make ads on twitter about UAE places and attractions.

4- Follow Hashtags and Keywords.

If you want to sell UAE tours, make a list of relevant hashtags and keywords. It will help you find your clients. The hashtags can be:





#UAEGuide and so on.

These hashtags must be relevant to your business and must be mentioned regularly. Same like that use keywords related to UAE tourism in your tweets such as Travel UAE, UAE Travel and Tours, UAE places, UAE locations, and Best places in UAE.

5-Like related tweets

Like positive tweets on Twitter about UAE. Like photos of UAE and its surrounding areas. In this way the followers gets notified.


Retweet about important news and updates regarding UAE. Retweet less often, so much retweeting looks fake.

By following all the above mentioned tips and steps Twitter can be very helpful in promoting Tourism business in UAE


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