Importance Of Twitter & Instagram Promotion For Business in UAE

Social media marketing platform is getting popular day by day. Advertisement of a product on a social media also comes in social media marketing. The key places to advertise your brand and your products are twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. while doing any business, for its success your brand need to become popular brand. Popularity comes from proper advertisement of a brand as well of a product. Social media is being used by almost 70% of people from all over the world, so it is a best platform to introduce or advertise your product.

To introduce your Brand

After making a profile on a social media app such as Instagram and Twitter followers for being popular. As much your post is reached to others newsfeed much the chances of your popularity. When you launch a new brand no one is aware with your product and their quality. If you have an Instagram and twitter followers it helps your brand to get a grip on a customers and a market.

Helps to promote a new product

Suppose your brand recently launch a new product in a market it must need to be advertised to the maximum amount of customers. Twitter and Instagram is a platform on which more than 1 billion people come online every day. When you add a post about your new product your followers must see it if they like it they must purchase it but if you do not have an Instagram and a twitter followers your post is not reached to a maximum users and in the result the product is not properly advertised. And you are not able to do a perfect business.

Quick Response To Customer

In the late 19 century when telephones are invented newly and got very popular every successful business man prints its telephone number on the product that helps the customer for complaint purpose. But now in modern Era customer have no time even to make a call for a complaint, they just report a product on a social media and tells the flows of a product. Most customers also do not like to complain on a social media they like to take part in FAQ’s conducted by the companies and give their views in a comment section.

Increment of brand visibility

Social media followers also helps to increase your brand visibility to others. As followers of your follower can also keep eyes on the activity of a user following you. You can also increase a brand visibility by using a proper hash tags as hash tags get a maximum retweets which means a maximum users reached.

Relationship enhancement

Instagram and twitter also helps us to create a new relationships. Many people related to your field often meat you on a social media. The users who likes your products often becomes your regular client and made a good relation with you and your company. The result is that the followers of Instagram and twitter are very beneficial for a business.

Twitter and its Video content dilemma

Twitter is yet another auspicious platform for people to reach their different yet equally important goals. Be it a celebrity to promote their upcoming project, a politician in need to voice their opinion, a comedian announcing about their next big gig or just another user sitting behind the screen viewing all that is happening, Twitter is accessible to the entire world for their own individual perspectives. However, the mild glitch in the smooth platform that Twitter is, is the twitter video content. It is mildly hard to operate and upload video content on the site as your video needs to meet a certain set of requirements before.

The video content

Twitter videos are one of the most bewildering video contents in all social media networks, also one of the most viewed ones. Approximately 82% of Twitter users prefer to watch video content more than written or images. It is preferred to post domestically twitter videos than the 3rd party ones such as from YouTube. According to some data collected, Twitters own videos have 2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more retweets and 1.9 times more likes when compared to the videos from the 3rd party.

Video uploading criteria

In regard to the Twitter Developer Documentation webpage, video content to be posted on twitter needs to meet a certain set of specified criterion format, even if a single specification is misled, the file may not upload at all. These specifications include the following

  • The time duration of the video file needs to be in between 0.5 to 30 seconds in sync and 140 seconds in when async
  • The size of the video file should not be greater than 15MB in sync and 512MB when async
  • The frame rate has to be either 40fsp or lesser than that
  • Dimensions need to be in-between 32×32 and 1280×1024
  • The aspect ratio needs to be in-between 1:3 and 3:1 while the pixel aspect ratio has to be 1:1
  • A progressive scan must have been applied
  • The content should not have an open GOP
  • Only the YUV 4:2:0 pixel format will be accepted
  • The audio of the content should either be mono or stereo
  • The audio should be AAC with low complexity profile only

Too much to handle? We got you

The specification format is indeed too much to take in but need not worry since we have just the right solution for you. You can use a video compression software to compress your video content according to the requirement of Twitter and then, post without any hindrance. One of such software is known as Handbrake. All you need to do is install Handbrake, run it and then by clicking the Source button, browse your video file to be posted on Twitter, set the destination folder and format the name of the output file. Now click start and wait for the compression process to begin. Now in the final step, all you have to do is attach the output file to your tweet, hit Post and Ta-da! All done.

Twitter video format requirements are very strict, however, many software have been derived to aid the users in this regard and make their lives a lot easier.

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