Medical Syringes, Uses & Latest Info in UAE

Medical syringes are used in hospitals and outside for regular injections needed for giving specific types of medicines. While most are aware of insulin shots, other medical syringes are used for administering cancer medications, hormone injections, and drug administration for fertility. Either way, those administering the shot must get right, be it is the patient or the caretaker. Any mistakes can be painful for the patient. So, here are the types of medical syringes, and the tips for administering them.

Types of syringes in UAE

Different syringes are used for different purposes, but here are a few of them described below.

  1.     Hypodermic needle syringes

These syringes use hypodermic needles to extract and inject fluids. For medical use, these are the most common ones.

  1.     Insulin syringes

These syringes are designed for injecting insulin. Because it requires a proper measurement, the barrel of the syringe has complete units of measurement stated. As insulin cannot directly be taken by ingestion, syringes are needed to directly insert it in the vein.

  1.     Botox syringes

This type of syringe is designed to be administered for Botox or for using some Botulinum toxin in a refined form.

  1.     Oral syringes

Oral syringes come without needles because the liquid is given directly through the mouth and is ingested. With these syringes’, precise measurement of liquid medicine can be done easily. Such syringes help ensure that the recipient gets the right amount of medicine, not more or less.

  1.     Tuberculin syringes

Tuberculin syringes are designed to be used for PDP skin tests, that is purified protein derivative tests for skins. It helps the doctors check for tuberculosis. Being normal in size, they allow the needle to be administered intradermally and deliver the antigen. The measurements on these syringes are specific to the measurement of tuberculin, hence cannot be used for other purposes.

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Tips for using and administering Medical syringes

Here are a few tips for using syringes that you should know about.

  1. Before administering check that the drug is distributed properly among the liquid exactly before putting the liquid in the syringe.
  2. To prevent the growth of mild, it’s important to keep the syringes in a fridge.
  3. Make sure to check for air bubbles in the syringe. It is important to remove those air bubbles for safe administration.
  4. Before injecting the needle, make sure to wipe the area with a moistened alcohol cotton ball, or an alcohol swab.
  5. The needle should be inserted at an angle between 45-90 degrees.
  6.   Once it is used, draw water into the syringe to gather any remaining residue that is left out in the syringe barrel. This water can be taken as a part of the daily calculated dose.


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