Why Is It Important To Install SSL In UAE Business Website?

As the internet evolves, so does the protection system and not only that but the creativity of cyber criminals increases alongside. So, to make the web a safer place, SSL certificates are provided because they are of a great benefit to a business or a personal website. So, what is SSL certificate? And what benefit does it have to offer to its users.

What is SSL certificate

SSL certificate

Security socket layers or SSL for short, ensures that your website visitor’s sensitive data is transferred to a secure network. Earlier, the process of getting the certificate was complex so organizations usually delayed the process but now with this process becoming easier, companies can easily get it. But why do you need an SSL? Let us see why!

Benefits of SSL?SSL certificate

Here are some benefits of SSL.

  • Improving site security

Above all, SSL certificates help to protect sensitive and important data that is transmitted from and to your website. This includes information such as login details, address, personal information, payment etc. encrypting the information, SSL will prevent your visitor’s data from being attacked or misused. This way your site information is protected and safe.

  • Subdomain’s safety

A type of SSL certificate known as wildcard, helps in securing all your main site as well as all the subdomains that it has. If you are a business which have large websites and several subdomains, SSL will be extremely useful for your website. For each subdomain you’ll have to install separate certificates, but it will prove useful for your website and your company!

  • Trust and credibility for your company’s customers

One main benefit that SSL offers to its users is that you can gain your customers and visitors trust. In the address bar of the browser, your website will be displayed alongside the security padlock indicating that there is a secure connection, henceforth showing your customers that you take their security seriously. Without the SSL installed on your website, some browsers may be considered as “unsafe”.

  • Advantages for SEO

SEO improvements in your ranking is one main benefit that your site will get with the use of SSL installation or certificate. In such a case, google gives a slight advantage of greater rankings to encrypted connections. Even if this boost seems a bit trivial, having an SSL installed/certificate would give you a greater advantage over the rest of your competitors, those who haven’t used SSL yet.

Among the many benefits that SSL has to offer to your company, the best of them is that your site can be la

Boost SEO

beled as “Secure”. No one would want their site to be labeled as “not secure”. To avoid this label, and to get several other benefits alongside, make sure to install SSL and get a certificate as soon as possible!

 Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add an extra security layer to your website and gain the maximum trust of customers to improve your company’s ranking and make it to the top!


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