Why teenagers read online news instead of paper news

Why Teenagers Read Online News Instead Of Paper News

Today when you talk about teenagers you can’t separate them from technology. News is the integral part of everyone’s routine life, as it lets people know about the happenings in major states like UAE , USA or small countries all around the world. The question is, Why teenagers read online news instead of offline? Where there is a teenager there is technology.

More than 80% of the teenagers are busy scrolling their mobile phones no matter wherever you see walking them and wherever means wherever! Walking to school or to the graveyard of books which we used to call library nobody would surprised to see a teenager holding  their smartphone but you definitely would get surprised if he’s holding a book.

From walking to homes to leaving from washrooms all what you come to see is a teenager with his phone. And people around them have literally got used to it as it’s not a big deal. Let us see what possibly are the reason why teenagers are choosing their mobile phones over newspaper.

Why teenagers read online news instead of paper news

New Generation

As trends changes with the every new generation each one goes with their very own trends considering the older ones belongs to their older generation. New generation of different states like UAE ,USA, US and other developed countries mostly believe reading and carrying a newspaper is baseless. As their is no point to carry a piece of paper here there where you can easily read any news at anytime on your phone. They prefer e-news upon newspaper.

Why teenagers read online news instead of paper news

Type of Content

Most of the teenagers claim the content printed on newspapers aren’t for them. As they have no interest in public meetings and international quarrels. As the topics of their interest like information related to their studies or vacancies for job are the topics they need. Therefore, Therefore, the platform of Internet works better for them.

Why teenagers read online news instead of paper news


A mobile phone is a device carrying every possible material you need. Teenagers find it more convenient as at anywhere and at anytime they can go through news whenever they want.

Screen Readers

Teenagers are choosing to read on screens than on a book or magazine because they’ve more variety of options to go for. Purchasing two more newspaper for acknowledging more perspective over the same news seem boring than scrolling over their screen for more than hundreds of perspective on every single news.

Why teenagers read online news instead of paper news

There are so many of reasons why teenagers are preferring e-news over newspaper in UAE and other states. Not that the content in newspapers seems printed merely for the 40s age group but the appearance of the paper looks boring too. E-news is the fastest and easiest way to keep yourself up to date about any news. Not only it’s easy but timesaving too. As they don’t have to search for a news of their interest in a whole paper they can easily search it and boom! There you go every single thing you need is just in front of your eyes.

Now if you can’t find a teenager with holding a good piece of newspaper in his hand you’re not alone. Not only teenagers the adult and the older group too is following the same path.

As it is more convenient to listen to the talk shows every hour and scrolling hundreds of headlines than waiting for a whole day for the newspaper to arrive at your doorstep and as you’ve left no choice but to read the same news whole day till the next one arrive. To get rid of this monotonous situation the teenagers have chosen e-news over the newspaper.